Branding is your business identity. 

It's the way your clients differentiate you from your 

competition. It's not just your logo, colours, style and typeface, it's your message and company values too.

Visual branding is what I specialise in. Ensuring designs 

correlate throughout any materials you require. Be it a sign, 

a menu, a business card, leaflet, clothing or shop front. Keeping brand consistency is key with any successful visual brand.​

Branding can help change client expectation and how they view you as a viable option, because your visual brand is the first contact your potential client has with your company. Take a look at some examples of my work below.

I don't offer a printing service, but can help you navigate the minefield of paper weights, finishes and paper types! Starting with GSM. This is the weight / thickness of the paper. If your poster is going up inside for a couple of months, a light gram, like 130 - 150gsm is absolutly fine. If they are going up for a long time and could be at risk of wear and tear, go for a 300gsm.

Finish / Coating. For temporary posters, save costs and go for uncoated. For fancy looking ones, choose matt laminate (expensive but have a lovely finish) gloss, UV Matt, and soft touch lamination are also options. Type of paper. There is Silk (has a slight sheen), Gloss (shiny), Blueback (poster paper), Weatherproof vinyl (outside) and general uncoated (cheapest option usually). 


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