I personally wrote this 21 page guide after having worked with hundred of Zesties over the last 6 years. After seeing what knowledge gaps, and vital ones are around, this book covers all the bases. Written in plain and simple english, and gives you the big must does to help your SEO!


1. Types of websites - what is yours?

2. What's a keyword and how to use them

3. The blog misconception

4. Big Blog Tips

5. What is CODE?

6. What's Google Analytics and how to set it up! 

7. Drawing in those users

8. Keeping users on your website

9. What's a backlink?

10. Backlink Casestudy

11. How to get backlinks!

12. The Do's & Don'ts of social media

13. Full month example of a social media plan

14. Content ideas for your social media

15. What is Google business and how to set it up

16. 3 pages of quick SEO tips! 


This book is just for Zesties, and I've made the fee for it as small as I can, really just to cover the time it took to make this bad boy! If you need any help or advice, or if you'd like to book in a free consultation for a website.. just pop me over an email! 






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