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"After buying the Chado Monts and Merveilles, I am compelled to offer my feedback! The packaging is beautiful and the makeup is easily applied. It is very long lasting and gives a beautiful finish to your skin and overall glow. The different tones and multi-tasking applications mean you can really conceal or highlight specific areas of your face where needed. I would recommend this product to all!
A must for every skin type and make-up style!"



Mascara Divin

“I am in love with the effects of the Chado Divin Noir mascara on my lashes. The curved brush gets to the root of each lash and gives me longer, curled, black lashes with no clumps. I keep it simple for day-time but an extra coat in the evenings gives a more dramatic look. The fact that this mascara nourishes my lashes while I am wearing it is a definite bonus. The icing on the cake for me is that this high-quality, luxury product is cruelty-free.”



Bionic Stem cell age control

" I am absolutely loving the changes in my skin, since I have been using the Swisscode Bionic Age Control. In as little as 2 months I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin’s hydration and elasticity. My skin’s complexion is much clearer, brighter, radiant and it even feels firmer. This is now my ‘go to’ product which I apply twice a day. Age Control has been the perfect addition to my skin care regime and the perfect 25 th birthday gift. I’m really pleased I got to try this premium product and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone- it’s my treat and a worthwhile investment. I am truly hooked and couldn’t live without it. I’m now so much more skin confident!"



Full Range

“As an advanced skin aesthetician, I am very conscious about what I put on my skin and recommend to my clients. Swisscode caught my eye and after researching the products then running a trial on them myself, I have never looked back. Not only do the concentrates address all of our ageing skin concerns, they actually feel great to apply and with what I can only explain to be instant beautifying results! I have introduced the range now to my clients who have various skin concerns and expectations. These high performance products have not failed to impress. My clients now refer to them as their “miracle fix in a bottle.” Thank you Swisscode!”



Pure dynalift & Pure genistein

“I have been using Swisscode products for over a year now and have definitely noticed a marked improvement with my skin and regularly receive compliments. My skin pigmentation has evened out and is virtually non-existent! That I believe is due to the wonderful Kiribirth which I use every day, always. Im also fond of Genistein. I have probably used more of the range in the past year and enjoyed using them all. At first I found it a little confusing as it was a totally new and different concept, but with the guidance of my therapists it is now a quick and easy procedure with obvious results. I shall be continuing my regime for the foreseeable future as I am very pleased and satisfied.”



Age-defying 24h oil balancing cream

“This product is wonderful and I really can’t praise it enough. I suffer with terrible rosacea on my face which leaves my skin inflamed and very red. I sometimes wake up with my face bleeding and this can be quite painful and embarrassing. Since using this product, the rosacea has all but disappeared. My skin is a lot healthier with very little redness and feels a lot smoother. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone suffering with similar skin conditions.”



Full range

“After using the Swisscode concentrates over the last month, I truly have fallen in love with the results that this innovative skin care line delivers. The products are very concentrated, a little goes a long way so it is really a great value. Five out of five stars from me! Swisscode serums are INCREDIBLE - my skin is LOVING these after cleansing before moisturising.”



Full range

“After feeling like I had exceptionally dull skin, which was only getting worse with my age, I was looking for an easy and manageable skincare regime that worked with my skin type. In the past, I could not commit to the twice daily routine because I did not see a noticeable affect on my skin. They I found Swisscode Hyaluron, MPC and Recovering Complex. After the fist use my skin felt tighter, looked clean and was glowing! I have since been consistently using the products and believe I have found a skincare regime that I can stick with (twice a day) because I can see and feel the difference.”



Pure dynalift & Pure genistein

“The Dynalift is my go-to Instant Beautifier and I cannot be without this product when I am presenting on TV - it truly makes my skin look younger in 5 minutes and it is the perfect product for any special occasion when you want your skin to look the best it can. It does not make the skin feel tight like other products do - it just gives the illusion of the most perfect skin. If you are getting married - this product will be your new best friend for your wedding day! My other favourite product in the range is Genistein - if ageing around the eyes and mouth is a concern, this is a must-have product! After using this product for a month, my skin not only looked younger and more lifted - it made the skin look more firm too. For me, what I love about this range is that anyone can slot it in to their existing skin care range without having to change every single product that you are using. The products are so concentrated that a little goes a long way, so it really is great value. 5 out of 5 stars from me!”



Recovering Complex

“Swisscode Bionic Recovering Complex was recommended to me for a skin irritation I had on my face that simply would not go away. Immediately the redness was reduced and within a week’s time both the redness and rash completely disappeared - leaving my skin smooth and radiant. I still use it regularly for any flare-ups. I have also tried the Hyaluron and Genistein - which work great together as a daily treatment. I love these products and the results I see are immediate.”


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