So where do we start with all this? First off, we talk. Book a consultation and I'll run through a variety of questions such as: "What kind are customer are you looking to attract?", "Where are you based?" etc. I'll also answer any questions, you have about me and the process or technical questions about digital and print design. Then, (this process differs just a tad, depending on what I'm designing for you) I'll ask you 

to go away and find me a plethora of photos, images, websites and colours that you love and feel could represent you. This gives me a good idea of exactly what you're looking for. I.e. 'professional', 'sleek', 'classic', 'vintage', 'modern', 'colourful', etc. I'll then design you a contact sheet of designs, send them over to you for your opinion and we go back and forth from there.

Creating a breif

I've worked with clients who have heavily detailed and strict brand guidelines as well as clients who don't have a brand or clear identity. If you're used to creating a brief, then fabulous. Send it over and I'll send you back a quote. If not, contact me today for a free consultation and we'll discuss how I can help you with your business. I'll help you streamline your brand, your designs and bring cohesion and consistency to your business and its message.


Brighton. East Sussex






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