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This ready to use Canva landing page comes will full instructions on not only how to edit it but also how to structure your content in each section, a real done for you landing page created with behaviour and sales psychology in mind. 


How to use this template

First off scroll through the template below, and change the wording to suit your promotion. Once you've done this, take a note of the following instructions and delete this page by clicking on the tiny dustbin icon near the word "How" above.


Replace all images on this template (if you wish) with your own. Simply upload your own into canva, and drag from from your dashboard and drop them on top of the image you'd like to replace.


Don't forget to add a link at the bottom of this page by clicking on the button and linking it to an email address or a facebook group, to show people how to join. Simply click on the background of the button and in the top right under the "Share" button there's 2 little paperclips interlinked - or a 'link' click that and paste your url or email into there.


How to publish this template

Step 1: When you're editing, took towards the top right of your screen near the button "share" you'll see "Publish Website"


Step 2: You can either use "Free Domain" and use the link that Canva provides, or choose to buy a domain and link it to this page (not recommended that you buy a domain through canva as then you won't be able to have a website outside of canva in the future - very much not recommended for SEO and email link purposes). If you want to connect it to your own domain, purchase one from the likes of Godaddy or 123reg or another trusted source, and link this landing page to it by clicking "Use my existing domain" instead.


Step 3: Create your link or connect your domain that you already own and start promoting your landing page!

Canva Landing Page

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