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Branding is your business identity. It's the way your clients differentiate you from your competition. It's not just your logo, colours, style and typeface, it's your message and company values too, this plain speaking, jargon-less guide covers:

  • The secret of scanning
  • How to keep it simple
  • Brand personalities the pro's use
  • Brand personalities for those in the wellness industry
  • How to use headlines that work
  • How to find your colours
  • Colour palettes made for you
  • The lowdown on logos (wellness specific)
  • Logos: the good, the bad and the ugle
  • 6 top tips on how to create a logo yourself
  • Fonts and what they tell your customer about you
  • How to match fonts with each other
  • Secret websites you didn't know existed that can really help you! 


This book comes in the form of a downloadable ebook and is fully copyrighted and not for resale.

Your simple guide to branding

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