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This book is specifically written for those who work within the wellness industry, this plain speaking, jargon-less guide covers:

  • Types of websites and why they are important - what's yours?
  • What's a keyword and how to use them
  • The big blog misconception
  • Bigger blog tips
  • What even is CODE?
  • What's Google Analytics and how to set them up
  • Drawing in those users! 
  • Keeping users on your website
  • What's a backlink?
  • Backlink casestudy
  • How to get backlinks! 
  • The Do's & Dont's of social media
  • Full month example of a social media plan
  • Content ideas for your social media
  • What is Google business and how to set it up
  • 3 pages of quick SEO top tips! 


Your simple guide to SEO

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